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Larry's Escape



In Larry's Escape, you play as Larry, the chicken. Larry has been stuck on this farm for most of his life and he has had enough. The only problem with getting out is that the farmer made a series of unnecessarily complicated mazes filled with hoards of robot chickens to stop him getting out. Thankfully, there's a few helpful characters who can aid him on his journey to freedom.

Elevator Pitch

Larry's Escape is a 2D, top down, pixel art, shooter about a chicken in a procedurally generated world of mazes.



  • Robot chickens cannot be killed without the right weapon

  • Start with a weapon that can stun them

  • Find gun that can actually kill them later

  • Gun spawns randomly in one of 3 levels at some point

  • Electric weapon blue aura light can stun

  • Fireball weapon orangy aura light can kill


  • In light, enemies can see you
  • Shooting makes light
  • Actual reason for proper AI as before

Game end

  • Semi-scripted game until certain level
  • Similar to bloons tower defence
  • After end, players can just go for high score


  • Sometimes teleporters take you to intermediary places with weird characters
  • Characters tell you stuff and may give you stuff

Progression System

  • Points or crystal drops allow upgrades for different spray patterns etc